Friday, 27 July 2012

My 1/2 flag

This is my halved flag. I mean not actully like broken in pieces. Also half helps you for cutting things into two equal pieces. There are different kind of fractions too, but 1/2 means that you get 2 equal parts. So what I'm saying is if you had two people you need to cut it into egual parts. Thats why we need fractions.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

My Taonga

This is my taonga.  Tominika’s  picture, I miss Tominika because she is gone to Australia. I remember that when we were babies we always fight. Also when I look at this picture it  remind’s me of Tominika when she was with us.

This is my taonga because Tominika is my sister.Also because she went away from our lives.
She is the only older sister of mine and Lose.Tominika is named after my nana.Tominika is my nana’s favourite because  she is named after her.We miss her very much, Also she loves it there in Australia. I think she might not want to come home.

Tominika is the only person in my family is missing and my father because my father is at Christchurch. Also when we were together we always cleaned our house when our mum sleeps.
You know when my dad sleeps we always go up and scream in he’s ear. We had great fun.
I love my sister very much.

Love by Sifila .H.   

Friday, 18 May 2012

Rainbow Fish

Shiny, colourful,
Swimming, blowing bubbles, sharing
Swimming peacefully under the ocean

Thursday, 10 May 2012

My Name Wordle

This is my name story. I've made it into a wordle. It's cool to do a wordle and it's even fun if you do a wordle with your friends. 
From Sifila .H.


Monday, 7 May 2012

Koro's Gift

I was going to visit my Koro in Wainuiomata. My dad said that he would drive me to Koro’s house. I'm proud of my Koro as a bone carver.
When we got there I was so excited,I nearly burst into tears. I jumped out of the car and ran to Koro’s glass door. I stared at Koro while he was sleeping with his bone carving resting on his belly and sitting on his favourite rocking chair. I rang the door bell. It was loud. I wanted to run away but Koro just woke up.Then I said, “Please open the door."
Koro opened the door. Koro said,”Greetings my moko. Are you coimg to stay with me?”
”Yes” I said,”I am going to stay here for two weeks."

It was getting dark. I went to bed. I dreamed about that a thief came and stole the bone carving. I woke up with a fright “Ahh." 
 Koro woke up with a fright.”Moko what is the matter?"
”I think a thief came and stole your bone carving”.
”Oh Moko I do not wear my bone carving at night so go back to sleep and have a good rest Moko."

The next morning I woke up I saw my Koro staring at his bone carving on his bed. 
Later we had breakfast. Koro took me down to the basement. There were lots of carvings. There were greenstone carvings and some were made of bone and wood. My Koro handed me a bone carving. It really looked like his but it was much smaller.
Was it the one he had been saving for my family? I really didn’t ask. I was happy because now I have my very own.I wish he trusted me because I trust myself. I love my Koro.

From Sifila .H.       

Thursday, 3 May 2012

My name story

 This is a photo of Queen Sophia of Spain wearing a diamond tiara.

Hi my name is Sifila H.
I am going to talk about my name.

My name was chosen by my grand father. He named me after his older sister. My name goes like this Sifila Tuipulotu H. When I was young I did not like my name but I did not know I was named after my grand father's sister.

My name means Sophia. My Tongan name is Sifila and my English name is Sophia. Sophia is the capital of Bulgaria and is also the name of a queen.I am very proud of my name now. Sophia means wisdom and wisdom means cleverness.That's why I love my name.      

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

My soil report

What is soil?
After studying science for the last 4 weeks, we decided to research soil. We are learning to write a report.

Soil is a mixture of sand, loam clay that help plants grow.
Nutrients in the soil come from dead organic materials such as dead bugs, dead leaves, roots and twigs. Plants suck up nutrients from the soil.
Did you know that soil is the top layer of our earth?
Soil is food for plants. There are three different kinds of soil called  loam, clay and sand.Soil gets muddy when it gets very wet.Clay soil holds water but not air. Loam soil holds just the right amount of air and water that helps plant grow. Sand is a soil we play with at the beach.

Why is soil important?
Soil helps plants grow from seeds. Soil has nutrients to help plants grow. Soil helps trees to grow. Soil keeps our trees straight. Without soil nothing will grow on earth.

Is soil a habitat?
Soil is a habitat for many species of insects and other invertbrates.Soil is a habitat for plants because they grow in the soil. Earthworms live in the soil to keep the plants company. Other invertebrates  live in the soil such as beetles and ants. Moles and rabbits also live in the soil but they are not invertebrates.They are called vertebrates. Vertebrates are animals that have a back- bone.

How have people affected soil?
People have affected soil by cutting down the trees. When it rains, the soil washes down to the rivers and the lakes. Our native fish and plants live in the rivers and the lakes. When the water gets polluted by the soil, then our native plants and fish die.That is how people affected the soil.   

By Sifila Hafoka